Welcome to Naughty Kitty Vintage

How Naughty Kitty Vintage got its start....

I have been obsessed with vintage clothing, or vintage anything since I was a little girl. I bought my first vintage dress at the age of eleven, this terrific floral print 1960's polyester dress with matching overcoat at a thrift shop and have been hooked ever since.

I learned my basics from my Grammi who made her living selling Bakelite and other vintage oddities she picked up here or there. I have since then spent my life trying to learn as much as I can about the vintage world I love. During this journey I have also had the good fortune to meet and build relationships with other sellers and collectors in the vintage world that have taught me so much that I could never thank them enough!

Flash forward to now, NaughtyKittyVintage opening its online shop, both on Etsy and my own personal website at naughtykittyvintage.com! I am so thankful for this adventure in my life. I look forward to the many more years selling vintage clothing and jewelry to like minded individuals and learning as much as I can along the way.

NaughtyKittyVintage earned its name from my love of all things kitties! Though I love my kitties, they can now and again be very naughty, like say trying to claw up a 1930's gown.

Today, Naughty Kitty Vintage is thriving more than ever and I could not be more thankful for the beautiful clients, fan and friends I have made through this beautiful journey through the world of vintage!

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