Deadstock 1980s Novelty Motorcycle Biker Pewter Skulls Wizard Harley Davidson Nike Dragon Cherubs Spider Scorpions Marijuana Gargoyle Rings

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Deadstock 1980’s Novelty Motorcycle Biker Pewter Skulls, Wizards, Harley Davidson, Nike, Dragon, Cherubs, Spider, Scorpions, Marijuana Pot, Gargoyle Rings

How cool are these? Bought from a biker shop that closed in the 80’s.

Please pick which type you are interested in during checkout. Price is per ring only. If you select a ring that is not adjustable, please put in your order comments what size you want :)

I am unsure of the material, I believe some may be silver plated and pewter. All are untested and sold as such. Some have faux gems, onyx, and crushed coral and turquoise on them.

This listing comes with the following variations and sizes:
Gem Spider Ring: Adjustable
Comedy and Tragedy Mask Ring: Two size 9’s and one size 8
Gem Dragon Ring: Adjustable
Crystal Ball Wizard Ring: Adjustable
Wolf Chain Ring: size 8 1/2, size 7, size 7 1/2
Onyx Inlay Unicorn Ring: Size 6
Wing Skull Ring: Size 6
Scorpion Ring: Size 6 1/2
Snake Skull Ring: Size 7
American Biker Skull Ring: Size 7
SOLD-Gem Cherub Ring: Adjustable-SOLD
War Helmet Skull Ring: Size 8
Gem Flower Ring: Adjustable
Gem Arrow Cherub Ring: Adjustable
Thin Gem Flower Ring: Size 4 1/2
Grooves Gem Ring: Size 6
Wide Flower Gem Ring: Two are Size 5, Two are Size 6
Claw Gem Ring: Size 6 1/2
Standing Gargoyle Ring: Adjustable
Perched Gargoyle Ring: Adjustable
King Tut Skull Ring: Three are Size 9, One is size 9 1/2
Engraved U Ring: Size 6
SOLD-Flying Cherub Ring: Adjustable
Heart Skull Chain Ring: Size 8 1/2, Size 8 1/2
Harley Eagle Ring: Size 8
Hand Gem Ring: Size 6, Three are Size 5 1/2
Wide Band Ring: Size 7 1/2
Pot Leaf Ring: Size 7
Cycle Skull Wing Ring: Size 7
Missing Gem Dragon Ring: Adjustable
SOLD-Onyx Inlay Skull Ring: Size 6
SOLD-Grim Reaper Ring: Size 8
Harley Eagle Style Crushed Turquoise and Coral Inlay Ring: Size 7, Size 5 1/2, Size 7
Grim Reaper Scythe Ring: Size 8
SOLD-Pitted Scorpion Ring: Size 7
Bootleg Nike Swoosh Ring: Stamped 925, size 6
Bootleg Nike Misspelled “Ike” Ring: Stamped 925, Size 6

Condition: Excellent. Light patina on all. There are spider and dragon rings that are missing their “gem”. Sold separately and listed as such. These rings are old so if it breaks or loses a gem, I am sorry to hear that but we did not create or make these rings. No returns, refunds or replacements offered.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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